The island of Sardina offers an exciting blend of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, prehistoric culture and stunning natural beauty. Explore rugged coastal trails, kayak in secret bays and meet friendly locals and the extraordinary local wildlife in a country deceptively larger than its size. The island of Sardinia is the scalloped bays and Gulf of Orosei’s coves real highlights.

Encompassed by emerald waters and glittering sandy beaches. This autonomous Mediterranean island is rich in culture and history and steeped in natural beauty. Famous fashionable and boasting a unique mix of designer boutiques, exclusive bars and world class restaurants, Sardinia is one of the finest destinations for a luxury yacht charter.


Stretching from Golfo Aranci to Baia Sardinia, this remarkable Italian is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and lays surrounded by clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and some of the prettiest anchorages. Cruise along the rippling waters and explore the assorted secluded hills that are along the breathtaking coastline. To the northeast of Sardinia lies the Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular destinations for a Mediterranean cruise and enthusiasts. With warm winds and calm clear waters, the sailors will revel in the romance of Sardinia’s waters while gazing upon the awe-inspiring surrounding views. At the heart of Costa Smeralda, meander around the seaside resort of Porto Cervo,

Saturated in alluring history, visiting the capital city of Cagliari to discover the ancient and distinguished old town before admiring the enthralling charm of medieval castles, teetering on hilltops shadowing the city below. Take a look at the medieval churches and alluring architecture.

One of the best known beaches in Sardinia is Liscia Ruja, this vast arc of sand glimmers in subtle shade of pink and is enclosed by strawberry trees, cistus and junipers which almost caress the water. The uninhabited island of mortuary also has a beautiful beach and makes for an idyllic location for an overnight anchorage while enjoying a bottle of bubbly against a backdrop of towering cliffs.

Not only for its intriguing architectural landmarks and inviting azure waters, Sardinia is also famed for what to look at the finest lobster in the world. The reputation of Sardinian cuisine precedes itself as a gastronomy relish the opportunity to sample mouth-watering dishes such as simple yet delicious seafood and succulent wild boar.

Beneath the waves, visit the archipelago of Maddalena. This cluster of 60 immersed themselves in water sports adventures. Porto Pollo is an excellent location for kite and windsurfing and with consistent reefs, experienced windsurfers, experienced surfers can enjoy and enjoy the water while not surfers can soak up the sun on the most beautiful beaches in the world


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